Why Own a Home?

Before we embark on the home ownership journey, as with any worthwhile endeavor, we have to first ask ourselves to be clear about the goals and benefits.

The benefits are many. While there are certainly pitfalls and ongoing efforts and costs to maintain a nice home for yourself and your family, the benefits far outweigh the problems.

Financial Stability

Studies show homeownership to be the cornerstone of financial stability. When purchasing the right home for your budget and needs, there is no better way to ensure that your family will be financially secure in the long run. Not only will your home provide physical shelter, but the connections built within the family and neighbors will continue to benefit you for the rest of your life.

Of course, we anticipate the home will appreciate over time, and over the course of ownership, you will pay down your loan until the day you can burn your mortgage deed. Whoohoo!! Plus, any physical improvements or additions typically add value.

One of the financial benefits not available to renters, but afforded homeowners, is the mortgage interest deduction. You can actually reduce your annual income tax bill by a significant amount through an IRS ruling that allows you to reduce your taxable income dollar for dollar, and hence the amount of taxes you pay at year’s end. This also allows W-2 wage earners to take additional tax withholdings from their monthly paychecks, which has the effect of providing you a higher monthly paycheck than if you did not own a home. At year’s end, your tax specialist will work through all the adjustments to balance your annual tax bill and savings.


Owning your own home truly makes you the king or queen of your castle. You can install whatever you feel is necessary to make it physically secure including fencing, locks, video security, and any sort of armed response security that makes you comfortable.

Freedom - Decorating, Remodeling, Room Additions

We have all wanted to decorate or remodel our apartment or rental home, only to be stopped because the landlord will not allow it, or we don’t want to invest in someone else’s home. Once you own your own home, you can do whatever strikes your fancy, from top to bottom design and decorating. We can go on and on about the benefits of ownership, but you already have the desire to own so let’s get to it.

Buying a Home? You will need a top mortgage lender.

Along with preparing yourself by reading my book and following the tips and guidelines, consider working with a top mortgage company that has wide experience and knows home buying from A to Z.

We recommend Primary Residential Mortgage for nationwide access to all markets. Primary Residential Mortgage nationwide Loan Officers receive the best training, tools, and support to help you whether you are a first time home buyer, seller, or experienced investor looking for great deals.


Be the next happy home buyer!


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