Repairs, Remodeling, Maintenance

Now that you own it, assuming no fraud or cover-ups on the part of the sellers, you are responsible for any repairs, remodeling, or maintenance that comes up from day one forward. It is not like buying a car or consumer item―there is no going back to the store, dealer, or any right of return. In egregious cases, the buyer could sue, but it is messy for all parties, and should be reserved for large problems, and as a last,worst case resort.

Before offering on the property, a buyer should have developed a summary plan and budget of some sort for repairs and remodeling work to be performed. That way, you know how much, and when, large amounts of additional funds may be needed to get it into the condition desired.A regular maintenance schedule should be worked up for everything from landscaping to appliance reviews, to periodic full home inspections, by a qualified inspector to ensure the home keeps its value for future financing or sale needs.

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This is a great book not only for first time buyers, but realtors should read it and give it to their clients.
- Leslie D.Fitness Instructor