Discounts, Rebates, Closing Cost Credits

Tips and Strategies to receive $20,000 or more in credits, rebates, and down payment assistance programs.

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Credit Report – Get a free credit report with every loan pre-approved through

Loan Pre-qualification – Get a free prequalification at

Appraisal – Free appraisal when you subscribe to our premium service.

Closing Cost Credits – Learn how to get $2,000 to $5,000 and more in closing cost credits.

Down Payment Assistance
Learn about no repayment down payment assistance programs that can provide 2%-5% down payment for thousands of dollars which you never repay!

Credit Counseling / Repair
Learn how to clean up your credit, remove bad credit items, and increase your credit scores so you can easily qualify for A-grade credit mortgages

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This is a great book not only for first time buyers, but realtors should read it and give it to their clients.
- Leslie D.Fitness Instructor