Closing, Property Transfer, Occupancy

Now that the day of closing has come, it is time to finish and move in.


The final act of acknowledgement of transfer is the recording of the grant deed transferring ownership from seller to buyer, and the recording of the lender’s Trust Deed, which is evidence that the property is held as collateral against repayment of the mortgage.

The recording of the documents takes place at the county recorder’s office, and is then made public for review by anyone with a need to know about the transaction and new owner information. The recorded documents are available to the owner for viewing or printing at any time.

Utility Service Transfers

On the day of closing, either the seller’s agent, or most likely the buyer or his agent should contact all local utilities, cable, and trash services and transfer billing to the new owner’s name. Typically, the seller or seller’s agent will provide a list of the names and agencies to contact.

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