10 tips on properly setting up a LinkedIn profile

Do you need help with your #LinkedIn strategy? #MGIC, the mortgage insurance giant has put together this information packed guide on how to properly set up a linkedin-strategies-for-loan-officers Get the tips you need to increase visibility and business. Learn the layout, tag lines, keywords, placement, profile tips and more from experts who create LI profiles […]


FREE Home Buying Educational Guide

My publishing support team and I have worked hard to launch my book: “HOME BUYING: Master the Process! Learn tips and secrets realtors and lenders know.” (BONUS: Write a review and Win a Kindle Fire! See Instructions Below) It has quickly become a top seller on Amazon/Kindle for a reason. With over 1 million first time home buyers […]


How to do a simple video interview

I have been testing my new iPhone 6 with a tripod for doing video interviews. While driving this weekend, I though I would see how stable and easy to use it was. So, I set it up on the shift console of my wife’s Lexus RX200 and did this little video.  Video on the Fly! […]


Trump will do these 30 things in his first month in office

David Van Waldick President, Western Mortgage Developer, www.ePrequal.com / www.HomeXMarketPlace.com Donald Trump will take these 30 actions in his first 30 days of Presidency to help ensure his success. All top performers do. Will you? Do something that do scares him. Being the most powerful man in the world must be horrifying at some level. What […]


Questions Most often Asked by First Time Home Buyers

David Van Waldick President, Western Mortgage Developer, www.ePrequal.com / www.HomeXMarketPlace.com Frequently Asked Question by First Time Home Buyers Most first-time homebuyers will need to obtain a mortgage, and this can seem like a scary process. However, when you’re armed with a little knowledge about what you’ll need and what to expect as you go from […]


Home Buying: Master the Process

“HOME BUYING: Master the Process. Learn the tips and secrets only realtors and lenders know!” What I learned closing 1,500 successful mortgage and real estate transactions worth over $1 BILLION! David Van Waldick, Mortgage and Real Estate Broker, CEO ePrequal.com Get my new step by step book on how to be a successful home buyer. […]


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This is a great book not only for first time buyers, but realtors should read it and give it to their clients.
- Leslie D.Fitness Instructor

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